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Keep outdoor smoking areas clean and unsightly cigarette or cigar litter hidden from view with the Cigamate portable outdoor ashtray receptacle. Cigamate outdoor standing ashtrays keep the environment cleaner, while eliminating odors and litter.

Cigamate portable outdoor ash receptacles safely collects and self-extinguishes lit cigar and cigarette butts. Easy to clean and maintain, Cigamate outdoor smokeless ashtrays are ideal for any backyard, patio, deck, veranda, porch, or pool deck. Its revolutionary compact design and side handles allow for easy portability and storage. Keep the places you visit clean of cigar and cigarette litter by taking the Cigamate portable outdoor ashtray stand with you to any outdoor activity or event - camping, tailgating, to a picnic, to the beach or on a boat.

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The best place to rest your butt.

Cigamate outdoor cigar and cigarette butt receptacles feature a decorative look and a textured tabletop for drinks and two grooves to rest cigarettes or cigars. Cigamate portable outdoor ashtrays have an oxygen-restricting design that puts out lit cigars and cigarettes. The decorative outdoor standing ashtray is weather resistant and will not crack or fade. Cigamate stands 30 inches tall and has a stable 11-inch-wide base. Cigamate outdoor smokers' receptacles are available in two stylish colors, Adobe Beige and Cigar Brown. Cigamate is for outdoor use only. Fire tested for safety - meets American Society for Testing and Materials D (ASTM D).

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Cigamate Portable Outdoor Ash Receptacle for Cigar and Cigarette Litter
Cigamate eco-friendly outdoor ashtray stands safely extinguish and collect smokers' litter and reduce maintenance and clean up time. Encourage guests at your outdoor party or barbeque to protect the environment by properly disposing their cigar and cigarette waste in the safe, convenient, and easy-to-use Cigamate portable outdoor smokers' receptacle. Cigamate outdoor cigar and cigarette butt disposal units eliminate irritating ashes from blowing away, unpleasant cigar and cigarette litter odors, and messy overflow from rainwater.
Cigamate is a simple two-piece outdoor ash tray stand constructed of flame retardant and weather resistant recycled high-density polyethylene. Cigamate outdoor smokers' receptacles will not to crack or fade and have been fire tested for safety. Cigamate is for outdoor use only. The portable outdoor smokeless ashtray comes ready to use and its novel compact design allows for portability and easy storage.
To clean, turn the outdoor smoking accessory counterclockwise to unlock the base, and lift the top. Empty ashes from liner pail, then either reuse tin can or recycle it and replace it with any other metal smoke can. Place empty or new can within liner container and close Cigamate by turning clockwise and interlocking container holes with buttons.
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